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Description : Gambling while visibly intoxicated in Las Vegas NV violates NGCB Regulation 5.011 article 2. Contact the NGCB at (702) 486.2020. If the Nevada Gaming Control Board refuses to investigate your complaint contact the US DOJ at

The principle business tactic employed by casinos to enhance their revenue streams is to grossly intoxicate patrons affecting alcohol induced confusion that results in the loss of self-control and money. This is in direct violation of Nevada Gaming Control Board Regulation 5.011 and a manifestation of the casino industrys moral bankruptcy and apathy for the global community!

When evil is ubiquitous yea when evil abounds and you acknowledge it to be thus then do nothing: You become evil!

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William David Reid for my first my last and my forevermore lover Bertha Sturke Menchaca Dallas TX and (Daddy) John + (Mother) Dovie Bonner Grant County AR